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Victorian Toys

See below for a list we have compiled of helpful, interesting, educational and activity based websites on Victorian toys and pastimes for children.

A Brief History of Toys

Hampshire Toys Website hosted by the Hampshire City Council with a wealth of knowledge and also the birthplace of some very famous 20th century toys.

History of Dolls

Yokohama Doll Museum, Japan An illustrated history of dolls with each type represented from wooden and composition to china and folk dolls.

Victorian Toys

Virtual Victorians - eToys Interactive website with online games for children based on toys from the Victorian Era.

Victorian Toys Slideshow A slideshow website with lots of helpful information about toys of the Victorian era, also with coloured photographs of toys from the era.

Victorian Toys and Games

Victorian Toys and Games Presented by the BBC in an interactive format with photos and videos on many topics of the Victorian era, aimed at Primary School children.

Victorian Toyshop

Victorian Toyshop An interactive website where children learn what toys would be sold in modern v's victorian times.
Note: requires macromedia shockwave.

Things to Make

Museum of Childhood hosts a wonderful site with many simple things for children to make based on toys and games from the Victorian era.

Toy Panorama

Toy Panorama An excursion around the world set in Victorian times in a beautifully illustrated fashion.

Punch and Judy Puppets

The History of Punch and Judy A comprehensive history of Punch and Judy by Judith Lile, with illustrations, photographs and some lines from the famous puppet show.

Prestons Historic Punch and Judy show a company based in South Australia and New South Wales that keeps the Punch and Judy tradition of puppetry alive.

Wooden Toys

All about old toys - Noahs Ark This site features Noahs Ark wooden toys, with a photographic history and interesting facts.

All about old toys - 19th Century European toys this pictorial site features european toys from the 19th Century, including antique dollhouses and dolls.

Sports, Hobbies and Pastimes

Nettlesworth Primary School hosts an informative site about the history of pastimes, hobbies and sports played in Victorian times.

Children’s Toys and Activities in Australia’s Powerhouse Museum Collection

Located in Sydney, the Powerhouse Museum hosts a wealth of information and their website features wonderful photographs of collections belonging to the museum. Below is just a sample of some of the things we have sourced for you. Why not try searching for something yourself!

The State Library of South Australia - Childrens Literature Research Collection

Victorian Toys

The backsmiths Shop

Build your own Blacksmiths Shop Courtesy of the Museum of Childhood

Punch and Judy Puppets

A carved wood set of 8 Punch and Judy Dolls

School Room

A German made
School Room of the
late 19th Century

Noah Ark

Great German Boat Bottom
Straw Noahs Ark CA 1870