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Urrbrae House
Waite Campus
SA 5064

Telephone: +61 8 8313 7497
Facsimile: +61 8 8313 7110

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Historic Precinct
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Billiard Room

In Peter Waite's time, the Billiard Room was also known as the "Smoking Room", because it was the only room in the house where smoking was permitted. The room contains various pieces of original furniture and fittings.  A small closet room, off the Billiard Room, was used by Eva Waite as a photographic darkroom.

The main focus of the Billiard Room is the magnificent Alcock & Co "Squatter's Favourite" billiard table.  While the room was predominantly a male domain, during a visit in August 1895 artist Arthur Streeton wrote that he played billiards with Peter Waite and his daughters while he and Waite were "gushing about art the whole time".  By the 1990s after years of use (including by many students during 1970s and 1980s) the billiard table was in need of restoration.  The billiard table was restored and the room's rug replaced in 1997.

Timber framed settees with footrests in the north bay and northeast corner of the room have been re-upholstered but retain their original woodwork.  Two veranda or squatters chairs with their original tapestries from the Waite era are also found in the Billiard Room.

The lighting in the room is a replica of the original style of lighting used in the 1890s.

Much of the renovation of the Billiard Room and Library has been funded through the efforts of the Friends of Urrbrae House.

The Billiard Room is used by groups for professional billiard tournaments and is open during guided tours of Urrbrae House.

The Billiard Room

Billiard Room

Billiard Room

Squatters Favourite Billiard Table
Image Courtesy of
Alcocks Billiard Table Manufacturers
"Squatter's Favourite"